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Naming your limousine company
Take the first step in turning your dream in to reality by naming it.

Naming your limousine business is giving birth to a brand. The new name is an empty container and your job is to fill it with positive customer experiences. As your company grows so will it's brand. Your best bet is a unique, easy to spell name that is NOT trademarked and is available as a dot com.

There is an art to business naming. This page will only help to spark ideas and hopefully assist you in creating a memorable name and positive first impression. Read the articles, follow the steps, have fun with our light-hearted Limousine Company Naming Matrix, but most importantly; take action.

    Free Limousine Business Naming Idea Generator
  1. Grab paper & pen. Create a grid similar to the one below and start writing your ideas down.

    Naming Idea
    Domain Search Trademark Search Fictitious Name Search Google Search
    Apollo Express Limousines
    is available
    No Trademarks found
    Fictitious Name is
    available in Florida
    There are 4 companies
    with a similar name.

  2. Get your brain cells firing with these questions:
    - Would you consider using your own name or initials in any way?
    - Would using your city, county or State in the name benefit your marketing?
    - Would you prefer to describe your level of service in your name or you tag line?
  3. Search for existing companies that may already have taken names on your list.
    Internet Domain: Make sure the dot com is available by going to and typing your new company name into “Find Your Domain Names Today!” search box. If the '.com' is not available then move on. Avoid buying other extensions such as .net or .org unless you want most of your Internet traffic to visit the guy who owns <yourname>.com
    Search the United States Patent and Trademark Office database:
    Use the default search options and try a few variations of your naming idea. Local Fictitious name search: Go to your state's Division of Corporations web site and see if your name is already taken.
    Google Search: Simply go to and search for your new name idea.

If your idea is already taken; try adding a numeric value, an adjective, your city, county or state's name. Contact a trademark attorney if you have your heart set on a trademarked name.

Limousine Naming Matrix
Think of a term based on a category in Column A and add it to terms in B & C or a term in just B or C
example: Apollo Express Limousines
A. Vanity Term Categories B. Quality of Service Terms C. Types of Services
Your initials Punctual Limousines
An Adjective Affordable Limousines & Sedans
Something in Nature Anytime Livery
Royal or Governmental Title Anywhere Limo & Livery
Greek or Roman God Award Limo and Taxi
Direction Express Transportation
Geographical Term On time Luxury Cars
Color Private Private Car
Gemstone Quality Motor Coach
Flower Reliable Bus Service
Vegas Casino Specialized Carriage
Sports Franchise Vintage Transit
Strippers Name   Stages
City, County or State name   Chauffeur

Business Naming Articles
Protecting Your Business Name
Think you have a clever name for your business? Good! But you also need to make sure that someone else isn’t using that name--and that you protect it once you're sure it's yours to keep.

How to Name Your Business
What's in a business name? Plenty. Not only must your name reflect your brand and be memorable, there are also a host of legal issues to consider. Here's how to choose a name that'll best suit your business.

8 Mistakes To Avoid When Naming Your Business
When choosing a name for your new company, keep these tips in mind to help you find one that will work now--and in the future.

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Naming Your E-Business
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Choosing the Best Name for Your Business
Understand the elements of a great name before you commit to one.

File Your DBA
If your sole proprietorship or partnership is going by a name other than your own, make sure you file it with the state.

Naming Names
Why a good business plan can help you name your company
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